Acupressure (Compression)


+ Manual Therapies, Trigger Point manipulation, Hot Stones

Acupuncture is the primary therapy; please note I do not offer acupressure or massage “only.”  Acupuncture combined with acupressure and manual therapies achieve incredibly personalized and effective physical therapy.  Manual techniques use natural warmthpressure and movement to soften collagen fibers, reduce fascial densification and fibrosis and enhance circulation and nourishment to muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Quality arnica and essential oils warm and penetrate skin and enhance moisture and flexibility.

Trigger point manipulation works with the nervous system in an extraordinarily customized way to resolve “muscle knots.”  When we find a knot, I press to activate the tenderness of the point and hold for 7-12 seconds.  The nervous system can sometimes be coaxed to release contraction of muscle fibers.  It can be a valuable technique for unraveling the knots and tangles of the nervous system.

Hot stones warm, blend and relax body tissues.  Cupping adds another valuable dimension of lymphatic movement and circulation.  Integrative manual therapies ease muscle tension, stimulate the immune system, invigorate energy and blood flow through the muscles and help balance the physical energy of the body.  Manual therapies are offered as adjuncts to acupuncture, for 10-15 minutes.

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