Integrative Bodywork Therapies

Integrative Bodywork Therapies – integrated with Acupuncture

images-6Natural bodywork therapies integrate well with acupuncture to stimulate and improve the health and flexibility of fascia.  Individualized therapy is determined at the time of visit, depending on your condition, comfort level, goals and time.  I do not offer massage only.

I like to use heat lamps, moxa (a warming technique) and massage with every acupuncture session.  The powerful warmth and blending massage enhances acupuncture and feels wonderful.  Each additional therapy heightens circulation of energy, blood and fluids, benefits soft tissue and stimulates the immune system.

Cupping (Myofascial Decompression) is very effective at relieving muscle tension, by creating a low-pressure pull which decompresses tissues.  Cupping complements massage, which uses compression forces.  The movement of fluids in both directions increases circulation and soft tissue health.

E-stim” attaches a mild, rhythmic electrical pulsation, similar to a TENS unit, which heightens stimulation between two acupuncture points.  E-stim is particularly helpful for sciatica.

Each therapy offers dynamic and unique benefits.  All serve to increase circulation of blood and fluids, relieving pain and supporting the wellbeing of soft tissues.  Exercise, sleep and nutrition also support and enhance the results of acupuncture.


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