Stephanie MauriAbout Stephanie Mauri, L.Ac.

I graduated from the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute in 2014.  My student clinical internships were at The UB Acupuncture Clinic, Montefiore Hospital in New Rochelle, and School Sisters of Notredame in Wilton, CT.  I treated a diversity of patients in each clinical setting.  I also actively served multiple communities as a licensed and registered dental hygienist from 1998 to 2016.  I understand how preventive medicine and lifestyle play a key role in our quality of life.  The body functions as a unified, intelligent organism.  Traditional Chinese Medicine offers an incredibly personalized approach to understanding, diagnosing and treating the body.

I respect the natural dignity and complexity of every human being.  I am honored to participate in the wondrous processes of natural health.  I believe integrative medicine is the best approach, and feel honored to work amongst so many great health and wellness practitioners in Kent.  My practice style is very hands-on.  I want people to feel the treatment, and to feel transformed afterwards.  Though I aim to offer powerful sessions, I also know what I do is just one piece of a very large picture.  I have great faith and respect in each person’s knowledge of their body, and their choices of how to care for themselves.

I give special thanks to my wonderful family, and my parents.  Their constant love and guidance fostered in me a love for education and the world.  My mother is from Hong Kong.  My parents flew for TWA.  Their mutual admiration for history and culture brought them together.  My father was an exceptional human being and pilot; his zest for life and heart of gold will always be remembered.

 About Carly Sensenbrenner, LMT, Certified Herbalist, Reiki & Astrology

Carly Sensenbrenner, LMT is passionate about teaching energy awareness as well as offering healing sessions.  She strives to inspire others to love and honor themselves on a daily basis.  Through her devotion to healing at age 19 she studied at Kripalu and became licensed and certified at Kripalu School of Massage and Bodywork and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. She worked as a teachers’ assistant in massage school after graduating. During her time at Kripalu, where she both studied and volunteered, Carly learned various healing modalities including Shamanism, Kundalini, Nutrition, meditation, journey dance, energy healing and more.  She has taken classes from Lupo Passero of Twin Star School of Herbal Education. She studied herbs in Costa Rica, has taken all levels of herbalism classes, as well as Rosemary Gladstar’s curriculum in Art and Science of Herbalism. Carly also has taken Jeanne Street’s Spiritual Healers Course which helped her connect and trust messages from spirit guides and angels. She feels each person can be met as a whole and offers healing on a mind, body and spirit level.

f1b188916c54ee296d810fba6f27757fCarly has found that Meditation, Yoga, Energy healing and Massage have a profound effect on healing the body, mind and soul. Each person goes through healing in their own way, and although painful at times, it can also be be a joyful process deeper into your soul.

“Through transformational healing practices, I have learned to honor and trust my spirit. To notice and understand lessons as they come and to listen to my intuitive guidance to move through life with more ease and joy. My highest goal is to provide a compassionate environment for people to find inner awareness to help themselves heal.”Carly

For more information or to contact Carly, please visit  Terraloka.com.


Please also visit Alina Hernandez at Kent Yoga & Bodyworks, 2 Green Pastures Lane, on the Kent Green.  Alina offers incredible Yoga classes and private sessions in the same building.  Alina was a dancer on Broadway, and understands exquisitely how Yoga helps the body recover and thrive.  Her instruction is extremely valuable at any age and level of fitness.  Yoga offers key foundational principles of health and movement.


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