What To Expect

An Acupuncture Session – What To Expect

Each session involves 90 minutes of direct face-to-face therapeutic care.  Much of my assessment and treatment is based on your chief complaints and involves palpation across many areas of the body, locating specific areas of tension, congestion, and tenderness. 

During acupuncture, I palpate and needle each point carefully, using diagnostic skills which blend musculoskeletal cues and traditional organ/channel theory.  A session averages 18+ points around the body to address your full body, including a back and a front treatment if appropriate.  I apply warming moxa to every point.  Acupuncture changes areas of chronic muscle tension, improves natural circulation to undernourished tissues and glands, and allows the body to relax and access deeper healing resources.

After acupuncture, the application of hot towels and stones, massage and trigger point release blend and soften tissues; high-grade arnica & essential oils nourish skin.  Cupping (aka myofascial decompression) glides over the skin creating a low-pressure pull, decompressing the myofascia and invigorating lymphatic and blood flow 4 inches deep into the body.  I also offer E-Stim, Guasha, Qigong Exercises or dietary suggestions.  

The net effect of Acupuncture and Integrative Therapies is transformative.  Treatment invigorates energy and blood flow in the muscles and meridians of the body, which nourishes all body systems.  After treatment, typically a patient experiences pain relief, a whole sense of relaxation and increased energy through the body.  Some people may experience soreness and have a slower healing response.  REST OR LIGHT ACTIVITY IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED AFTER TREATMENT, as most people are overworked or depleted.  A good night’s sleep allows deeper healing to occur, and one may experience less body stiffness and improved energy the next day.  Each treatment is individually based and results may vary.  Optimal results usually occur with multiple visits, similar to physical therapy.  Frequency of treatment is a personal choice by each patient.  

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture & Massage involves world-class, specialized training and experience in FRA techniques and custom aromatherapy skin blends.  The recommended protocol is twelve sessions, once or twice a week.  FRA patients must expect significant needling and attention to the face, which lasts 50-60 minutes.  Needle removal lasts 15-20 minutes.  Massage lasts 10-15 minutes and focusses on improving circulation in the neck, face and scalp.  I am very sensitive to each patient’s comfort levels and flexibility in the protocol is achievable.  A patient can attempt to zen out during a session, meaning one can focus on each present moment and sustaining strength and serenity through breathing and mental relaxation.  Post-session, one experiences a pleasant invigoration of the face and a definite glow.  Each session creates slight improvements and they build.  Rest is advised pre- and post-session.

A diversified approach enhances your treatment and your health in individualized, integrative and holistic ways.  I encourage people to benefit from acupuncture and integrative therapies and offer lengthy therapeutic sessions at a great value.

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