Welcome to Kent Biomedical Acupuncture ON KENT GREEN

Contact Stephanie Mauri, L.Ac. for Acupuncture + Warming Adjunctive Therapies: Moxibustion, Manual Therapies, Trigger Point Release, Moving Cupping, Hot Stones (100+ minutes); Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture & Massage (90 minutes). SUNDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, at 10AM, NOON, 2PM. TREATMENT FEE: $130. KINDLY SCHEDULE 24 HRS IN ADVANCE. Online scheduling available. (203)733-1837

Contact Carly Sensenbrenner, LMT, RMT for Reiki and Shamanic Light Work Healing, One Hour In Depth Natal Astrology Readings. Teaches Meditation, and Guided Shamanic Journeys. One on one, or group sessions.  WEDNESDAYS. (203)417-0790  Terraloka.com

Contact Christopher Kiely, L.Ac. for Acupuncture, Herbs, Dietary Therapy, Qigong on MONDAYS.  (802)349-2725  Fallingwatertaichi.com

Natural medicine fosters anti-inflammation, improved metabolism, lymphatic drainage, and nourishment of tissues, glands & organs. Healing hormones circulate in the bloodstream for days after treatment, sustaining healing and repair.

Stephanie specializes in a musculoskeletal approach, which supports holistic health through improved body-wide circulation & soft tissue health. Acupuncture is excellent preventive medicine. Regular therapy (every 3-6 weeks) strengthens the immune system, flexibility & vitality. Frequency is a personal choice; each treatment is beneficial!

Carly is a compassionate natural healer. Her gentle work sheds light on the deep, energetic aspects of your body and spirit, and helps free and guide your path with pure energy and insightful, personal readings. Feel lighter, stronger, and at peace.

Chris specializes in healing chronic disease with acupuncture, herbs, dietary therapy, and qigong exercise. Patients steadily cultivate deep health and wellness.

As practitioners who understand and respect the human body on a whole-systems level, we approach each patient with utmost faith and belief in their body’s ability to heal. Together, we hope to create an environment where therapy happens and the miracles of health and wellbeing emerge.

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