Welcome to Kent Biomedical Acupuncture, ON KENT GREEN

To schedule a powerful, yet relaxing 90 minute therapeutic session, you can schedule online, email Stephanie Mauri, L.Ac., text or call.

A 90 minute session can transform how you feel today, and lay groundwork for holistic healing and wellness.  Each session involves about 1 hour of acupuncture, moxibustion (warming), and 15 minutes of adjunctive therapies (acupressure, manual therapies, cupping).  Treatment fee is $95 (credit cards have a $3 processing fee).

Acupuncture is surprisingly comfortable, relaxing, and you can feel your body’s natural energy moving.  Acupuncture stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, nourishment of body tissues & glands, and natural production of healing hormones.  The body chemically shifts from “fight or flight”/stress mode, to “rest & digest,” nourish, repair and regenerate mode.  With every session, therapy gradually improves how the body feels and performs.

An enormous benefit of acupuncture and personalized bodywork is the ability to direct the immune system to areas of concern.  By stimulating areas in the ear, along the spine, and along individual patterns of pain and dysfunction, acupuncture activates neurovisceral reflexes and multiple healing mechanisms.  “Battlefield Acupuncture” is an optional additional, portable method which enhances and prolongs pain relief.

Acupuncture is a profoundly effective and foundational therapy for healing and wellness.  Please note that I do not offer acupressure or massage “only.”

As a practitioner who understands and respects the human body on a whole-systems level, I approach each patient with utmost faith and belief in their body’s ability to heal.  Together, I hope to create an environment where therapy happens and the miracles of health and well-being emerge.

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