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Acupuncture is a comfortable and yet astonishing therapeutic modality.  Acupuncture increases circulation and nourishment of body tissues, improving feel, function and performance.  An enormous benefit of acupuncture and personalized bodywork is the ability to direct the immune system to areas of concern.

By stimulating areas along the spine and along individual patterns of pain or dysfunction, acupuncture activates neurovisceral reflexes, and triggers multiple healing and homeostatic mechanisms on local and systemic levels.

Physical body care, pain relief, and simply “feeling good” enable the release of healing hormones, which support “rest and digest” and “repair and renew” activities in the body.  I find the combination of Acupuncture Plus Integrative Therapies most effective, and do not offer massage only.  

Stephanie Mauri
Stephanie Mauri, L.Ac.

Personalized therapy reconnects you with your body.  Each session creates improvement, similar to a course of physical therapy.  Results evolve in conjunction with individual self-healing potential and lifestyle.  With regular therapy, you feel and function better.  Your body wants to heal!  Rest or light activity is strongly recommended after treatment to maximize healing and repair.  I encourage each person to try a session and see how they feel.

I often recommend treatment once a week initially to improve acute or chronic complaints.  Healing depends on the individual.  I hope for improvement with each session.  The goal is to be pain and symptom free, and space treatments out to every 4-6 weeks for wellness maintenance.  Frequency of therapy is a personal choice by each patient.  Ideally, we cultivate our natural health and regularly pursue wellness therapies to complement our current health care.

The office is located on Kent Green.  Appointments are available Tuesday – Friday 9 – 4:30, Saturday & Sunday 9 – 12:30.  PLEASE SCHEDULE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.  For your convenience, you may view the schedule and book your appointment online.  OFFICE DOORS ARE LOCKED DURING SESSIONS.

As a practitioner who understands and respects the human body on a whole-systems level, I approach each patient with utmost faith and belief in their body’s ability to heal.  Together, I hope to create an environment where therapy happens and the miracles of health and well-being emerge.

Thank you.

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